Family Life

Our mission

Our mission of evangelism is to provide resources, training, and networking opportunities that will instill hope and bring wholeness to families within the territory of the North American Division. Our vision statement is: Reaching Families for Eternity.

How we serve

  • Family Ministries
    • Develop resources for local congregations
    • Coordinate and promote training events
    • Conduct family wellness, marriage, parenting workshops etc. for conference and union events
    • Provide networking opportunities for those who work on behalf of families
  • Men’s Ministries
    • Providing a curriculum and certification for all Men’s Ministries directors
    • Providing e-group newsletters of all Men’s Ministries events in the NAD
    • Providing resources for the start up and maintaining of Men’s Ministries in the local church
    • Providing resources regarding family and church issues affecting men through official Web site
  • Single Adult Ministries
    • Provide ASAM training to our leaders within North American
    • Help single adults to live mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy lives through Jesus
    • Plan an ASAM Convention once per quinquennium
    • Provide ASAM training every other year at the NAD Adventist Ministries Convention
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